The mistake men make when they buy condoms

The mistake men make when they buy condoms

A word half jokingly, half seriously says that the only thing worse than a pebble in a boot is a grain of sand in a condom.

 However, beyond objects that have accidentally reached sensitive areas, the size of this method of contraception can be a problem.

 Too long or too short, too tight or too wide, but also to considerably reduce pleasure during sexual intercourse, completing in an unpleasant way the danger of unwanted pregnancies or contact with sexually transmitted diseases: men who use them on  the wrong ones have a 2.5 times higher risk than normal for them to fail in the most pleasant moments (ie to slip or break) and a 5 times higher risk of suffering from irritations of the penis or glans  .

 The risk of having erection problems and / or difficulty reaching orgasm (they or their partners) is twice as high as normal.

 Researchers at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in the United States looked at questionnaires completed by 436 men between the ages of 18 and 67.

 Volunteers were recruited to be part of the study using the site and said they had used it during sexual intercourse for the past 3 months.

 Almost half of them, ie 44.7%, mentioned the unpleasant experience of using inappropriate condoms.

 The problem with the study is that it is based only on the statements of the participants, without any additional evidence, but it showed the need to implement preventive messages to get men to choose the right condom for their penis.

 That is, neither too big, nor too small, nor too short, nor too long.

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