Things you didn't know about the penis

Things you didn't know about the penis

If you think you know everything about your penis, it would be good to reconsider your perspective a bit: even if you carry it with you all your life and use it as often as possible (not just for the basic function of urine excretion) you  always things to mention or learn about him.

 Some things about size, sensitivity, and sexual pleasure are less well known.

 Some penises enlarge considerably during erection, others too little

 It is said that usually its apparent length (outside the body) increases with values ​​between 1.25 and 8 centimeters.  It is scientifically (medically) proven that small flaccid penises enlarge more than longer penises in the same condition.  Exceptions where men have small penises are not considered now.

 The penis has the shape of a boomerang

 Even though its shape and size outside the body are the first to attract attention, it is longer than it can be seen with the naked eye: it is usually twice as long as the apparent size because half of the penis is located inside the body.  And when the outside temperature drops considerably (for example, after a cold shower) the external sexual organs tend to take refuge inside the body to keep the temperature at a level considered normal.  A series of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed that the penis is shaped like a boomerang, its base being connected to the pubic bone inside the pelvis.

 The sensitivity of the glans (head of the penis) decreases with age

 This starts after 25 years: the level of sensitivity decreases slowly.  Between the ages of 65 and 75, the level of sensitivity drops sharply.

 Use it or it atrophies

 One of the mechanisms is manifested in the form of erections during sleep: through this exercise the brain checks the tone of the penis, blood circulation and oxygenation of the entire area.  Socializing and a very active sex life helps keep the penis in shape, and the hygiene of the genitals protects it from a lot of potentially dangerous bacteria.

 The penis has its own bacteria

 There are a number of beneficial bacteria in a woman's vagina that protect her from potentially infecting outside bacteria.  The penis also has several families of bacteria (42 different types, as shown by researchers in Arizona, USA) among the folds of skin that have the same purpose.  The condition is to follow the rules of daily hygiene.

 Men have more areas of pleasure

  their arousal produces pleasure and orgasm.  But they are not the only sensitive areas that generate a man's pleasures: they are also found on the scrotum, anus and nipples.

 There are also vibrators for penises

  You can use them for your own pleasure, but also to maintain tone by sexual stimulation and ejaculation (especially in the case of men who have suffered fractures in the spine due to which the pelvic area is paralyzed).

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