Unpleasant effects of excessive sex

Unpleasant effects of excessive sex

Lack of sex can lead to health problems, such as physical and mental stress, weakened muscle tone (especially when not exercising or constant exercise) and a weakened immune system, but excessive sex can also lead to  kind of problematic.  Often it is too bad, including when it comes to the number of sexual acts: people who are too sexually active can have minor health problems, but not only (among the most serious problems are prostate diseases or weakened immunity).

 The good part is there are methods to prevent problems such as

 Weakening of the immune system

 It occurs when you have more than 3 sexual acts per week for a longer period, favoring the appearance of a whole series of infections.  At least that's according to a study by a team of researchers at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.  They believe that the optimal frequency is 2-3 sexual acts per week, but this depends on a number of factors such as age, education, geographical location, etc.  (young people have sex more often than older people).

 However, lack of sexual activity is also not recommended because it lowers antibodies and immunity.

 Prostate disorders

 Highly sexually active men in their youth are at risk of developing prostate cancer in older age, according to a study by researchers at the University of Nottingham, UK.  As you know, the prostate produces sperm fluid to feed sperm after they are delivered to the woman's vagina (when this happens) on the way to the egg.

 Study participants were divided into two categories: half of the men had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and half were healthy.  They were asked about the frequency of sexual activity (including masturbation) at the ages of 20, 30 and 40 and the number of sexual partners.

 The researchers found that the sex hormones responsible in men for high sexual appetite are also responsible for the further development of prostate cancer.

 Urinary tract infections

 Repeated penetrations promote the introduction of bacteria into a woman's urethra, and this can cause cystitis (a recurrent urinary tract infection).  This does not automatically mean that a woman's hygiene is poor (although this can happen), especially since sperm contains enzymes that promote infections, irritations or even allergies (in exceptional cases).

 Usually urinary tract infections appear after the first sexual act and usually in young women: the bacteria reach through the urethra (which is quite short, shorter than men, which makes women more prone to urinary tract infections than these) to the bladder,  especially after a period of sexual abstinence.

 especially if you want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy), urinate after intercourse and take a shower, insisting on genital hygiene between two sexual intercourses on the same night.

 Dopamine overdose

 Dopamine, also called the hormone of happiness, is one of the substances that the brain produces during intercourse - it is the neurotransmitter that causes us to have sex.  One of the side effects of a very intense sex life is that the body needs more and more dopamine to feel good and to maintain a high sexual appetite naturally.

 Inflammation of the genital area

 Normally sexual intercourse or repeated masturbation for a short period of time causes the natural lubrication of the vagina to decrease.  Especially if you do not use any. Due to repeated rubbing between the penis / vibrator / dildo and the female reproductive organ, local pain may occur, but also wounds on the cervix, vaginal cracks or even irritations of the clitoris.

 So don't forget to use water-based lubricants that supplement natural lubrication.

 Temporary loss of senses

 Rubbing during intercourse can not only lead to irritation and pain, but can also cause temporary loss of senses in the genital area.  If you take a break of at least a quarter of an hour, the sensations in that area will return.

 When this phenomenon occurs often or lasts more than a few minutes, it is necessary to visit a specialist.

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