vaginal discharge and female ejaculation

vaginal discharge and female ejaculation


 I have often received questions about vaginal discharge from both women and men.  I have met too many women ashamed of being "well women" (many of them did not even know this terminology or did not know that there are other women who have the ability to wet their boyfriend with ecstatic rains), I also noticed  that there are many women who fail to realize when they have a discharge orgasm or a tantric orgasm without discharge.

 So I gathered some information about vaginal secretions (less about menstrual blood, a topic I want to address in a special article) from several fields, mostly from the occult Hindu and Buddhist traditions well-kept secret information by Tantricists and Taoists to share with you in this article escorts bucharest

 Let's start with the technical description: vaginal juices contain several secretions, including: sweat, sebum, secretions of the Bartholini and Skene glands of the vulva, endometrial and oviductal fluids (which change with the menstrual cycle), uterine mucus, exfoliated cells and wall secretions  vaginal, which increase in volume with sexual arousal.  Vaginal secretions in all women include pyridine, squalene, urea, acetic acid, lactic acid, complex alcohols (including cholesterol), glycols (including propylene glycol), ketones and aldehydes.

 A more detailed chemistry of the acids of vaginal secretions separates women into two groups: all women produce acetic acid, but there is also a category of women made up of a third of them, whose bodies also produce short-bonded aliphatic acids.  These acids (including acetic, propionic, isovaleric, isobutyric, propanoic, and butanoic acids) are a class of stinging chemicals that other primate species produce as sexual olfactory signals.  Although no one has yet demonstrated the role of acids in human mating behavior, some researchers have referred to them as "copulins" and "human pheromones."

 Like volatile acids produced on the skin, aliphatic acids in the vagina come from the metabolic processes of resident bacteria, which include lactobacilli, streptococci and staphylococci.  In all women, the acid content varies with the menstrual cycle, increasing on the first day after menstruation and reaching a maximum in the middle of it, just before ovulation.  However, the quantity varies dramatically in terms of acid producers, and one of the studies, in which the authors describe the subjects as "young, healthy members of the socioeconomic class, participating in gifted private universities", found that people can certainly smell the changes.  occurred in the vaginal secretions of an acid-producing woman during her cycle, but not in non-acid-producing secretions.

 After this scientific introduction (which I hope you have passed well and that you have remained enthusiastic to discover the mysteries of vaginal sacred substances, endowed with divine properties), we move on to the information provided by millennial spiritual traditions.

 "Hevajra Tantra" advises the yogi to find the right body flavors for the women he interacts with, especially the vaginal ones, in order to find the right girlfriend. bucharest escorts

 The most suitable woman for tantric love rituals is described as follows: “Her breath is sweet, and her sweat has a pleasant, musky scent.  Its lotus-shaped yoni exudes the subtle aroma of the blue lotus, which can instantly change into a pink lotus.  His sexual secretions are very varied and very fragrant. "

 Medical science has recently discovered that humans, like animals, have a very small region in the nose that has the mission of reading and reacting to sexual body odors and pheromones.  This extremely sensitive organ, located at the tip of the nose in the innermost inner area of ​​the nostrils, being separated from ordinary olfactory cells, is specific to each of the two sexes, ie it receives only human pheromones of the opposite sex.  What we translate as sexual attraction is largely due to the way we receive certain pheromones or sexual odors.  However, the vast majority of people do not realize this.

 Very often, women seek to hide their natural scent, using deodorants or perfumes, which today are obtained almost entirely from synthetic ingredients.  When a woman is healthy, her own sexual odors should be enough to "conquer" her boyfriend.  These scents are an important component of a woman's sacred and magical power.  In the tantric vision, both the smells of the woman and those of the man are seen as keys that unlock the gate of erotic passion, leading to special spiritual erotic experiences.  Some Tantric texts recommend the use of certain oils and natural flavors to amplify rather than hide sexual odors: in the case of women, the essences of musk, patchouli and jasmine are recommended, and in the case of men: camphor, sandalwood and gray amber.  .

 Female ejaculation ( escorts bucharest )

 When they reach orgasm, some women "ejaculate".  This fact was only recently highlighted by Western civilization.  In the East, however, most ancient teachings on sexuality referred to this "ejaculation" of women.

 A woman's "ejaculation" is clearly different from a man's.  It can be much more abundant.  Recent studies have shown that a woman's orgasmic "ejaculation" is a combination of secretions from the Skene's glands inside the vagina and small amounts of urine.  Slightly acidic vaginal juices, enriched with hormones, vitamins, minerals and lubricants, combined with all other products in the urine, form the substance that a woman "ejaculates" normally.

 The experimentation of which is pursued in tantric love rituals, usually leads to the release of very abundant sexual secretions.  The tantric texts state that "the nectar of the lotus of the much-loved consort, the very embodiment of the Great Goddess, during a high tantric love ritual, can have a wide range of flavors, each accompanied by certain specific magical and transcendental properties."

 Within the specific teachings of "Siddha yoga", regarding tantric love, three distinct types of vaginal secretions are recognized.  These are referred to as: suratham ("wine-like juice"), sronitham ("blood-tinted") and suklam ("abundant").  When a woman is sexually satisfied, these three distinct fluids are secreted in turn.

 A study by Master Wou-hien from the Ming period called "The Libations of the Three Peaks" describes the three types of female fluids.  These peaks produce essential essences to the harmony between Yin and Yang, as well as to any metaphysical structure of Taoism.

 The highest is called the Red Lotus Peak.  Its fluid is called the Jade Spring or spring sweets, and it gushes from the two holes located under the woman's tongue.  When the lover strokes them with his tongue, the liquid flows in abundance.  It is transparent and very beneficial.  That is why the man must swallow it, focusing his attention on the solar plexus, next to the Manipura Chakra.  This fluid nourishes and heals the internal organs.  Enjoying the fluid flowing from the left hole, the man will become much more intuitive and will gain good control of erotic energy.  By enjoying the fluid flowing from the right orifice, the man will become much more solar, and his vital energy will be energized.escorts bucharest

 Then come the Twin Peaks.  Their fluid, White Snow, gushes from the breasts, like an unexpected lactation that occurs in some extremely sensual and very affectionate women, without them being during breastfeeding.  This phenomenon, whose value has been recognized both in the East and in the West, has been given names such as Milk of the Witches, Peach Juice of Immortality, Coral Essence.  This extraordinary fluid has a white color and a slightly sweet taste, very pleasant.  He is very beneficial for the man because he relaxes his body and his soul finds happiness and pleasure in him.  When it reaches the solar plexus, it nourishes the spleen and stomach.  When enjoyed by a woman, blood circulation will be greatly improved, and both lovers will be intoxicated by ecstatic states of pleasure and happiness.  The fluids of the Chamber with fragrant water (mouth) and of the Mysterious Cave (yoni) will be more abundant, but of the three libations, this is the most special, because its enjoyment opens the Lotus with a thousand petals.  Another Taoist text refers to a man who lived to the age of 180, constantly enjoying the fluids in women's breasts.

 Breast secretions can appear very easily when the woman has an unstoppable desire to give and feed her boyfriend.  Cultivating this desire creates an emotional message that will be transmitted to the glandular system which in turn causes the white snow to fall.  Breast secretions can also occur on a purely subtle, non-physical level.

 The woman's bottom peak is called the Purple Peak, the White Tiger Grotto or the Mysterious Cave.  Its fluid, the Moonflower, is carefully preserved in the Yoni Palace, deep inside the womb.  "Her door is usually closed, but when the woman feels a delightful pleasure, which brings redness to her cheeks and softens her voice to the point of murmur, this fluid flows freely.  The boyfriend should withdraw his Jade Peak with about a finger (2.5 cm), but continue the penetrations while kissing her lips or sucking her breasts. ”

 The Kama Sutra states: “During the act of love, a woman's juices are secreted continuously.  Yoni fluids vary considerably, depending on temperament, general health, diet, time of the monthly cycle, sexual desire.  Yoni juices contain ovarian hormones, minerals, salts, amino acids and other substances. ”

 Tantra considers lotus nectars to be most beneficial when they taste sweet.  An alchemical treatise recommends: “After the Jade Peak has entered, he must actively wait for the coming of the Essences of the Woman, produced by orgasm.  Then he will have to drink them.  This absorption is done by performing yoga techniques such as Uddiyana Bandha, which will create a vacuum in the man's bladder and thus suck the fluids of the yoni, or by the natural absorption capacity of the lingam head.  Enjoying the secretions can also be achieved through kissing.  The woman will enjoy her own fluids from her boyfriend's lingam, and the boyfriend will enjoy her juices, kissing her yoni. ”

 Regarding what I said above (about well women), unfortunately, it is still considered that some women experience urinary incontinence during sexual intercourse.  In the discussion on this topic in the book "Urodynamics: Principles, Practices and Applications" (1984), between Mundy, Stephenson and Wein, it is pointed out that:  almost fashionable, most patients and their lovers find it annoying. ”

 There are many people who confuse female fluids during the act of love.  In his book, Spiritual Sex, Nik Douglas explains that Siddha Yoga's teachings on tantric love take into account three different types of female secretions: suratham ("wine-like sap"), sronithram ("blood-tinted juice"), and  suklam ("the abundant").  In this context, it is logical that the correct arousal and sexual satisfaction of women were the essential components of tantric erotic practices, because only in this way was the secretion of all these fluids ensured.  The same teachings explain that by properly arousing a woman, these three fluids will be secreted consecutively.  In this regard, Nik Douglas adds: "Many tantras claim that amaroli is one of the great religious mysteries, recommending that (secretions) be drunk directly" from Yoni's lips "at the height of the intimate act."

 In 1998, scientists from the Department of Sexology at the University of Quebec in Montreal conducted a study on female ejaculation, inviting women with such abilities to contact them through small advertisements in local newspapers.  Then they replaced the term "ejaculation" with "expulsion," which is different in meaning.

 Male ejaculation has the effect of feeling dry, sluggish, sexual desire suddenly decreasing or even disappearing for a certain period of time.  The female orgasm with discharge is accompanied by the same sensations as the male ejaculation: after the woman had an orgasm with discharge, she can no longer bear to be touched on the clitoris and genital area, wanting to end the act of love under various pretexts.

 Instead, the appearance of abundant kalasu (the name given by the Tantric oriental tradition to special liquids that appear during the act of love) are accompanied by the appearance of very special states and even contrary to those that appear after ejaculation: feelings of fulfillment, satisfaction and contentment.  deep interior and an increased desire to continue the act of love  escorts bucharest

 From all these tantric traditions and texts of ancient India, we find that amrita or female nectar was a well-known phenomenon at the time, that its health-beneficial properties were recognized, and that it was used in initiation religious practices that appealed to sexual energy.  The sexual potential of a woman's body, including the production of sexual fluids (sexual secretions, ejaculatory secretions and kalas), was considered by tantrics to be a very great secret revealed only to initiates.

 Jacques Salome begins his book "Dating with women-wells" with the saying "All women are women-wells, even if many of them don't know it yet!"  He claims that when the woman meets the perfect lover for her, who adores her and gives her the security and intimacy necessary for her to manifest all her sensuality, she will become a fountain woman.  Due to the intense love and excitement she will experience during the act of love, her body will become a spring that gushes, a fountain that flows, a rain that falls from the heavens, the torrent that overflows, the inner ocean that unleashes, secreting the kalas  sacred without any restraint, with unlimited generosity and availability.

 I conclude the article with a few lines from "Metaphysics of Sex," by Julius Evola, a prolific and highly inspired writer: "In women there are vaginal and, in part, uterine secretions, especially those of Bartholin's glands (secretions called in Indian erotic treatises).  profane “water of love” or “water of the god of love”), which usually appear from the onset of the general state of sexual arousal, without being located in a single moment of crisis, as  ejaculation The term most used in tantric treatises, rajas, has several meanings.  One of them is "menstruation".  Obviously, there can be no question of the woman stopping something similar during a mating;  it must be rather the force whose appearance is felt in the erotic apogee and which, if necessary, the woman will have to grasp and fix: the force which, in the woman, is the pendant of that virya, of the transcendent virility of the man and  which, in her case, is in the same relation to the menstruation in which the virya is situated to the seed as sperm.  It was this force that was conceived by the ancients as the "female seed," necessary, according to them, for procreation.  Too hastily, this conception of the "female seed", professed in Europe until the eighteenth century, was declared erroneous and fanciful, because the problem had been accidentally associated with menstruation and vaginal secretions The "female seed" has, like the virya, a hyperphysical character;  However, considering everything that, in women, in general, normally constitutes the contribution for procreation, it is too good to speak of a psychophysical whole, which, in its physical aspect, also includes menstruation and secretions When in Tantre we speak of the male seed and the female seed as two principles which, when united, generate the ascending current of enlightenment in the same way that, in ordinary mating, the sperm and the egg, uniting, give rise to the primary nucleus of  of the embryo, we must actually refer to those hyperphysical correspondences detached, stopped, fixed and brought in the situation of merging: and not without reason are established in the texts of the Vajrayana school correspondences between them, and the two currents, ida and pingala.  We can consider another meaning of the Sanskrit term rajas.  In addition to "red" (hence the relationship with menstruation), in addition to the philosophical significance present in the traditional doctrine of guna, in addition to the "pollen" or "fertilizing powder" of a flower (unlike the lotus), rajas has a  meaning synonymous with tejas, "fire" or "radiant energy".  This leads us exactly to the nature of the subtle substance of woman, considered by ancient texts in similar terms by comparing sexual union with a sacrifice by fire, and the woman or her sexual organs with the flame of the same fire.  It is the substance that fuels the process of dissolution and ecstatic unification during magical coupling.  Perhaps the ancient Egyptian inscription: "Like fire burns a woman's body," has not only a profane meaning.

 Hindu and Buddhist tantric teachings are fascinating because they tell us that when the body is well nourished, healthy and clean, everything it produces is a sacred fluid that can be of special use to us, helping us to attain even spiritual liberation.

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