What can we learn from courtesans?

What can we learn from courtesans?

 As a teenager, I first saw "The Beautiful Venetian", the film that has remained one of my favorites to this day and that I see again every time I feel the need for more poetry in my life, in escorts bucharest

 The other day I was in Venice for the second time.  As a child, it seemed to me the most fascinating city, I even remember saying once: "after I see Venice, I can leave this world!".  It was then for me the perfect combination of magic, romance, beauty, freedom, history.  Now, Venice is like this only on the small streets, still unbeaten by the steps of tourists.  Otherwise - a big circus.

 But even so, I sought to find on the streets I walked the poetry I had discovered in the film.  I looked up at the balconies and saw, in my imagination, the faces of those women who knelt, without appeal, the hearts of thousands of men.  On the bridges, I could still see them, marching full of charm.

 And I was wondering, “How exactly did these women who were born ordinary women become legendary?  What skills and qualities have they cultivated and amplified to really make a difference in the lives of those around them?  What can each of us learn from courtesans?  How do we learn to be beautiful?  (and this is the subject of an article that I have already written in my soul, I still have to put it into words here, on the blog) "

 It is known that women wrote from the shadows (most of the time, unfortunately) the history of civilization.  Along with every strong man, be he king, emperor, great ruler of a country or his own life, there is a woman who supports him in his plans, who encourages him when he needs, who loves him with much devotion and is affectionate as  a mother as fascinating as a courtesan Small gestures or desires of such women caused palaces and empires to rise or fall.

 When you imagine such a woman, you see an innocent smile that charms you, a sharp and penetrating look, a body wave that awakens all the senses, a confident appearance on her, power of seduction, voluptuousness, feminine strength that transforms qualities such as elegance  , candor, self-sacrifice, in weapons that made men kneel more like the edge of a sword.

 Courtesans, unlike ordinary women, who were not allowed access to higher education, had many specializations and studied a lot.  They were initiated in the art of massage, dance, music, fine arts, poetry, conversation and knew the love positions described in the Kama Sutra.

 Courtesans, together with all the great fascinators of history, had in common many aspects that have been passed down through the centuries and that have remained unchanged in their essence, regardless of socio-cultural influences.  And what characterizes them in a very deep way is the constant desire, intensely sustained by persevering exercise, of self-improvement.  They had very well-established codes of conduct and dress.  They were women who knew their femininity and the power of seduction and fascination, which they exercised over others.  They were very good connoisseurs of body language and gestures, of the ways in which they could best value themselves.  In fact, it has been shown that women are more sensitive to nonverbal signals, even from childhood, which explains to some extent the female intuition.

 Surprisingly or not, some of the famous seducers of history are neither the most beautiful nor the youngest.  Cleopatra didn't even look like the beautiful Liz Taylor who brought her to life on the big screen.

 Lou Andreas-Salome, who together with Sigmund Freud laid the foundations of psychoanalysis, is another example of a "courtesan" who does not stand out for her beauty.  On her long list of conquests were Nietzsche, Paul Ree - a nihilistic philosopher -, Sigmund Freud and the poet Rainier Maria Rilke.  It is said that one of his suitors committed suicide because she did not pay attention to him, and two others tried to commit suicide - one of them being Nietzsche.  It is said that the seductress lived a beautiful housewife of the three with Nietzsche and Paul Ree.  Slightly aged, never made up, never preoccupied with physical appearance, Andreas-Salome stood out for her charisma, independence and intelligence.  The female artifices and tricks - which many women abused - were foreign to her and yet she had a great impact on the men who loved her.

 In antiquity, voluptuousness was taught as reading or writing is learned today;  women learned to seduce by a method similar to those they used to learn to sew or make sophisticated embroidery.  The courtesans of Athens (the Greek goddess of wisdom) - the hetairas - were women from noble families, and the rich representatives of the city did not miss the opportunity to send their daughters to practice this profession considered honorable.

 In Renaissance Venice there were two types of courtesans, the luxury courtesans, who could easily be considered part of the nobility because of their luxurious clothes and jewelry, and the lower-class courtesans, who were often identified with prostitutes.  In the middle of the 18th century, there were more than 100,000 courtesans in Venice.

 The luxury courtesans were maintained by nobles and various important men, who offered them the most extravagant houses and clothes.  Courtesans greatly influenced the political life of the time and it was often said that political decisions were made in the bed of courtesans.  At one point, because no distinction was made between an ordinary woman and a courtesan, royalty gave a law by which they were no longer allowed to dress luxuriously, that is, they were no longer allowed to wear jewelry, silk clothes.  and other precious accessories.  The courtesans began to wear capes and masks, these being signs by which they could be recognized.

 Most luxury courtesans were very skilled in the art of love and wore clothes similar to those worn in royal houses.  Some of the most famous courtesans in 16th century Venice were Veronica Franco, the protagonist of the film "The Beautiful Venetian" (1546-1591) and Tullia D'Aragona (1510-1556).  It is said of Veronica Franco that she was of captivating beauty and that no one could resist her.  From an early age, Veronica received a complex education from her mother, a former courtesan, and was taught to use the skills that nature endowed her with in order to find a profitable marriage that would place her.  in high society.  Veronica Franco penetrated very quickly into the circles of the nobility, where she was highly respected both for her beauty and for her intelligence.  She said: “How else could we entertain men if not for our pleasant appearance, impeccable and luxurious attire.  Of course, my spirit and knowledge of the scriptures are added to all this, but who would listen to a poorly adorned woman, no matter how bright she is? ” bucharest escorts

 In 1574, she spent a night with Henry III of France and persuaded him to ally with the Italians in the future anti-Ottoman military campaign.  Because she was an influential person at the time, Veronica Franco was not exempt from the relentless eye of the Inquisition, which accused her in 1580 of witchcraft, in the sense that she charmed men and then took advantage of them.  Her speech before the Inquisition remained famous in history, in which she defended herself intelligently and spoke about the status of courtesans.  Because many courtesans lived in misery with their children, Veronica Franco fought to persuade the authorities to build a house for poor prostitutes, and she succeeded.  Veronica Franco remained an active member of literary circles and wrote two volumes of poetry.  In 1580 she published a volume with letters from her youth.

 "And my beauty, to which your heart aspires day by day

 and which you do not tire of singing,

 I will raise it to raise you

 soul in paradise.  Then, gently lying next to you, like a flower

 or as a bride, I will bathe you in all the pleasures that

 I learned them and I'm an expert in them.

 And finally, you, in whom the passion was common,

 you will find your reconciliation and fulfillment, fully satisfied -

 in love though more and more -

 to my white and restful breast.

 When I am with a man in bed I bloom like a peony;

 they are free like butterflies escaping from chrysalis

 with the man who loves me and enjoys me. ”

 Tullia d’Aragona, like Veronica Franco, was taught by her mother to become a courtesan, but unlike the latter, Tullia was not considered a beauty in her day, especially since she had a crooked nose and thin lips.  Tullia composed lyrics, philosophized and played the lute, skills that aroused unbridled love among the famous poets of the time.  Among her famous lovers were the magnate Filippo Strozzi, Emilio Orsini, who founded the Tullia Society with six knights to defend her honor, the poet Bernardo Tasso and many others.  From Tullia d’Aragona we are left with a few poems and a work with dialogues about love, which also influenced Marsilio Ficino, who wrote about the nature of sexual desire from Tullia’s perspective.

 In the history of China, from each dynasty, a few courtesans have remained in history, who have stood out especially for their artistic abilities.  Most courtesans have remained famous to this day through the poems they wrote.  Most of the courtesans were beautiful women, who walked from village to village and held music and dance performances.  Dance and music were seen as expressions of the poems, and the movements had to resemble some lyrics so that the viewer was integrated into the poem.  Few of them lived in luxury, only those who had the opportunity to live at the king's court.  A courtesan was trained since childhood for this profession and was initiated into the secrets of seduction, especially through songs and dances, which were seen as erotic arts.  Chinese courtesans were distinguished by an important sign of eroticism: the foot, which had to be as small as possible.  Therefore, since childhood, from the age of 5, girls wore very small shoes to tighten the leg and not let it grow.  They also used all sorts of bandages that they tied around his leg to reduce it.  This practice has been preserved to this day.  (see "Memories of a Geisha")

 In India every courtesan had to know everything about clothing, knowledge of kama sutra techniques, good manners and various arts and disciplines, she needed to know how to keep a man by her side for as long as possible.  She had to always seem in love and ready for any sacrifice to satisfy her partner's desires.  Hindu courtesans resorted to all sorts of tricks to make themselves as affordable and precious as possible, but also to look extremely in love and to give the impression that they were making sacrifices to meet their lovers.

 Various works mention that they, the courtesans, were taught from the beginning that erotic attraction is kept alive by the harmonious and voluptuous forms of the female body, the specific intoxicating smell, the warm enveloping voice, the physiognomy, the clothing and the cosmetics.  by arranging the hair.  A hand through her hair, an insistent look, a wide smile, countless "strategies" on which these women based their fascination and female seduction By a subtle movement of the hands over the legs or around the neck, they could convey an indirect erotic invitation.  In this process of fascination and seduction, the subtle body language was intensely used.  Becoming as aware as possible of the messages they issued through their presence was one of the first steps to cultivate and amplify their personal magnetism and charm.

 It is also said about courtesans that they had a very developed sense of humor, that they knew how to soften even the hearts of some of the toughest army leaders only with a conquering and playful smile.

 At present, it has even been shown by some scientific experiments that a smiling woman becomes more beautiful and that having a sense of humor is considered to be a considerable advantage.

 They also knew that they could not conquer a man if they failed to pique his imagination.  A woman aware of her femininity understands that a man often only needs a suggestion to be able to reconstruct the whole puzzle himself.  Sometimes even a knee-length skirt but worn with the right attitude, a long skirt but with an exciting slit, a semi-neckline can arouse the interest of a man more than a naked body of a woman who is not in communion with her femininity.  She is aware that men can sense a woman's naked body, despite all the clothes she wears.

 In those days, it was known that a courtesan, through her behavior, suggested independence from others and from men, which made them more and more eager to know her, to conquer her, to reveal her.  A courtesan was an actress, screenwriter and director in her own skit.  She knew how to attract the man by setting up real shows both literally and figuratively.  Such a woman is intelligent, she is spontaneous, she knows how to use to the adhttps://www.tweetyescorts.com/bucharest/115-gisellavantage

 its double or triple meaning of words.  In a word, she is an artist.  Such women knew how to instill in men a strong desire to obtain more than sex, so that kings, high-ranking nobles, courtiers, and all manner of prominent men held them to the rank of honor, sought their company, and displayed themselves in public with them.  their favorite courtesans.

 It is often said that these women had a special magnetism of gaze and knew how to use it to fascinate and bring kings, nobles, poets, artists, heroes to their feet.

 One of the main aspects by which the courtesans differed from the rest of the women of those times, and for which they were admirably highly appreciated, is the fact that they fully mastered the art of conversation.  They were intelligent, educated women, knowledgeable of the realities of the time in which they lived, from politics and social issues, strategies of war and diplomacy, to painting, poetry and music.  But more than that, they were experts in the ways in which a conversation took place, in the tone of voice, body language and gestures, in nonverbal cues, which they consciously emitted to fascinate and make themselves extraordinarily pleasant.  beloved.  They are said to have been some of the best "listeners."

 It is known that great rulers, kings, politicians confessed in the boudoirs of their beloved courtesans, they managed to steal even the deepest secrets.  They knew that by actively listening to their lover, and giving him the necessary attention as he spoke, he opened the door to his inner experience, understood his needs and desires, and thus, by practicing authentic, active listening, approached his soul.  , conquering him.

 Throughout the article, we pointed out the qualities that any woman, through sustained effort, through conscious work, can acquire in order to enrich her inner universe and improve her relationship as a couple.

 What could be more beautiful than to always be fascinating for the man you love?  To succeed, amplifying all these qualities, to masterfully interpret all the roles that a woman has in a couple?

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