What men dream of: the most common male fantasies

What men dream of: the most common male fantasies

"What are you thinking about, sweetheart?" She asks, lying in a romantic position on the couch, with her head on your shoulder.  "Aah… hmm…, how much I love you."  "God, how sweet you are!" She whispered.  In fact, something like this was going on in your head…

 1. Fantasies about your current partner.  It is not a joke!  The most common sexual fantasy is related to what you did or would do to your partner (by the way, it is on the first place and in the top of her fantasies!).  Why?  Because an available body is much more exciting than an untouchable one, and there is a better chance that the fantasy will come true (unless that happened).

 2. Having sex with a woman other than your partner.  It's often about an ex-girlfriend, a friend of a partner or even a celebrity.  Psychological motivation is not hard to guess.  Many long to have sex with someone new, and fantasy is a way to fulfill your desire without losing your partner.  If the woman in fantasy is also a virgin, it means that you project yourself in the role of teacher, initiating her in the pleasures of sex through your skills as a lover.  If she has big breasts, you have a choice between several psychological theories.  Freud's followers believe that you have not yet detached yourself from your mother's breast, the symbol of childhood.  Other therapists, more reasonable, say that you are part of the category of locks that consider large breasts the symbol of the supersexy woman.

 3. Giving or receiving oral sex.  And this fantasy is on the first places on the list, for both sexes.  The imagined fellatio possesses a special ingredient: the woman does not do this to give, but to obtain pleasure.  She loves your cock wonderfully, swallowing sex, tasting, begging you to let her suck it from long and lascivious tongue movements.  In addition, it accompanies the whole operation of comments such as: "God, you are huge!", And in the end not only swallows to the last drop, but also licks his lips.  This thing is paradise for almost all men (and it's very easy to do for any woman).  Nor are the fantasies about oral sex offered to her unusual.  Many women are more excited about oral sex than genital sex, and you, the one who gives the ultimate pleasure, know that this will drive her crazy.  In addition, many of us secretly believe that oral sex is more "dirty" than the other, hence the addition of spice.

 4. Sex with two or more women.  It is the adult male equivalent of the child's fantasy that was accidentally locked in a confectionery.  If it's nice to have sex with a woman, then having sex with two has to be twice as nice, doesn't it?  Add a drop of lesbian sex and you're done, you're in ninth heaven!  In your imagination you are a superman, able to bring them both, incessantly, to orgasm with screams.  In reality, many men are troubled (consciously or not) by the question of whether you are satisfied with the one you are with… No wonder this fantasy is so common.  Studies show that most men do not want such sex orgies in real life.  In "orgy type" fantasies, not only are there no logical inconveniences, such as "do you want to move your leg further?"  My thumb goes into my bones ", but you can have orgasms whenever you want.  Seeing two women making love (especially acquaintances - your partner is often one of them) is another widespread male fantasy.  In the classic version, you come home from work unexpectedly and discover that your partner, dressed in something steamy, is in bed, hugging a friend / a gorgeous position.  The hands, handcuffs and tongue are part of the scenery, but the culminating moment is always the one in which they beg you to come to bed, so that they feel the real pleasure.

 5. To watch others make love and / or to be watched.  It's called voyeurism (to look), respectively exhibitionism (to be watched).  In fact, few people would refrain from watching a sex scene if they knew for sure that they would not be caught, but since sex is something particular and largely secret, voyeurism remains largely a fantasy (of both sexes).  ).  Of course, we see something like that on TV, but we happen to witness the "real thing" and on top of that there is a narcissistic attraction to imagine that we are one of those watched, because we can not see ourselves when we make love.  Even if we had a mirror in front of us, you wouldn't see everything and, in addition, you tend not to catch the most interesting parts because you are transported.  Some men imagine that their partner is a creature full of sexual desire, so she needs more men to satisfy her.  Not surprisingly, few men (brave or stupid, it is not known) translate this fantasy into reality.

 Exhibitionist fantasies revolve around some who admire you.  You give (of course) a great show, and the viewer is often jealous of your qualities as a lover, desperately wanting to be in the place of the one you make love to.  It's a fantasy that tickles your self.

 6. Watch her masturbate for yourself (or watch her without her knowing).  Watching her play with her genitals is quite high on men's preferences, probably because it assures you that sex is as important to women as it is to you.  Espionage is also exciting: where does it end up on its own, that is, without you?

 7. Anal sex.  It does not mean that you have "gay tendencies", given that the area is unique and maybe erotic, especially for men.  Many would like their partner to penetrate them with their finger or would like anal sex but they are afraid that she would think they are gay if she suggests something like that.  So everything becomes a fantasy.

 8. The legacy.  To be bound is her favorite dream, to bind someone - it's her dream.  And it's something that goes well in everyday life!  Legacy fantasies are usually power fantasies - which you have or give up - both types have their charm.  Sometimes it can mean that you want to tie her to you (you don't feel that she really belongs to you).  But legacy fantasies come to mind so often because of scenes from erotic books and movies.

 Sadomasochistic fantasies are uncommon, but not uncommon.  Sadism means getting pleasure from making someone suffer, masochism - having pleasure when someone makes you suffer.  Most gentle S&M fantasies are related to whipping or beating.  Pleasure and pain are inexplicably linked in the minds of some people.  The palm actually invigorates the blood circulation in the genital area - so biologically speaking, it excites us.  Aggression is widespread in the animal world: there are females that do not ovulate unless the male bites them.  Male fantasies sometimes spring from the subconscious belief that sex is bad and you have to be punished because you like it.

 9. The alleged rape.  Contrary to popular belief, men's fantasy about rape is more about the fact that you are done with your sexual technique and your charisma and less about violence.  At first she says "no", but finally she says "yes".  Given the fact that she is overwhelmed by your superman and can't refuse such a gift.  Often things happen like in cartoons: no one suffers anything, and the victim likes it more than you.  If she forces you to have sex, it means that you indulge in a sexual role of subordination, very different from the one you probably have in real life.  It's usually a form of release from the responsibility of driving all the time.

 10. Sex with another man.  Sexual fantasies with men or involving her and another man does not mean that you would secretly want to be gay, but just to have sexual curiosity.


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