What mistakes do women make in bed?

What mistakes do women make in bed?


 In order not to upset the gentlemen too much, we decided to write the second part, that is, what mistakes women make in bed.  Read on to find out what she doesn't like to do when you're in the bedroom.

 You use your nails too much

 Undoubtedly, you will drive him crazy when you lightly scratch his back.  However, that saying: "everything must be done in moderation."  Be sure that it will not feel too good if you use your nails too often or if it feels blood on your back.

 You use your teeth when you give him oral sex

 It is not very pleasant to feel how you are scratched / bitten in that area.  Remember that the penis, especially the head, is a very sensitive area.  That means you can hurt him very easily if you're careless.  The penis is a very complex organ so it is very easy to turn a pleasant game of oral sex into a painful experience.

 You expect him to have sex all the time escorts bucharest

 As with ladies, men are sometimes far too ill-disposed to have sex.  Don't assume that he should always be present on duty just because he likes to lure you into the bedroom.  So don't panic too much if sometimes he's too tired or sad to go crazy in bed.

 You wait for him to take the initiative every time

 Although there is nothing more exciting than a man who knows when to take the reins, in many cases he also wants you to make indecent proposals.  For a more harmonious married life, try to be the one to lead it in the bedroom.  As a bonus, you could try to show them that you know what men want in bed.

 You are silent while having sex bucharest escorts

 Neighbors may not appreciate this detail too much, but it is advisable to show them how well they know how to do their job by making sexy sounds.  You don't have to overdo it.  Just enough to show him that he does well what he does because a stone sheepfold that does not react in any way kills the pleasure of sexual intercourse almost instantly.

 You expect him to read your mind bucharest escort

 Of course, there are many things that the human brain can do, but reading another person's thoughts is not one of them.  Instead of blaming him later that he didn't like what he did in bed, you better talk to him in advance about what you like and what you don't like in the bedroom.  Moreover, you could discuss your sexual fantasies in order to pepper your sex life a little.

 Don't give him oral sex bucharest escorts

 There are many people in the world who are disgusted by the idea of ​​oral sex.  However, if he performs every time you have sex, it would be advisable to return the favor.  If you do not feel comfortable with the idea, then you should not talk openly about it, but do not leave it in anticipation.

 You talk during sex bucharest escorts

 Probably nothing is more humiliating for a man than a partner who does not stop talking during sex.  Even if the things you want to tell him are important, put yourself in his place for a second.  The fact that you remembered that the installment must be paid at the bank or that the guarantee expires at the plant will give him the impression that everything is more exciting than what you do in bed.

 You stimulate his anus or prostate during sex without asking him

 It may seem like a good idea at the moment, but keep in mind that most men feel uncomfortable when they are touched in those places without permission.  Therefore, it is a good idea to talk about these things before you take the initiative.

 Sex is a participatory activity and not one that involves putting one partner's pleasure above the other.  As always, honest dialogue is the only way you can get rid of all the inconvenience.

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