What not to eat before having sex

What not to eat before having sex

Some foods or combinations of foods are said to maintain sexual appetite especially when they are cooked by the person you want to take action with.  It is good to know that there are a number of foods that can cause problems when consumed before having sex.

 Mint, for example, can spoil when consumed in large quantities on the grounds that you want fresh breath.  A bad breath can cut anyone's appetite for sex, but also too much bad freshness.  In fact, any strong odor becomes unpleasant, but in addition, the smell of menthol temporarily reduces testosterone levels in men and with it decreases sexual appetite.

 Sausages and other products in their category contain saturated fats not recommended before sex: they cause temporary thickening of the blood (increases the concentration of substances in the vital fluid), and this means a worse blood supply to the vaginal area, respectively the penis - and  tissues need to receive oxygen and nutrients.

 French fries also contain trans fats that negatively affect blood testosterone and blood circulation.  The amount of salt that is usually added over potatoes negatively affects your erection and promotes the feeling of bloating.  If, however, you want to eat potatoes that day, choose those in the oven or baked because it stimulates the secretion of dopamine, the hormone of well-being.

 The acid in carbonated drinks generates intestinal gas and a bloating sensation, while the bitter taste of some of the drinks (such as tonic water) temporarily lowers testosterone levels and sperm count.  The ideal recommendation is sugar-free tea or possibly red wine (preferably no more than two glasses).

 Canned food contains quite a lot of salt, it can balloon and cause water retention in the body.

 Fruit dessert (such as strawberries or cherries) is not exactly recommended because fruits are harder to digest than meat and heat-processed food, remain in the digestive system longer and can cause cramps, bloating or even intestinal problems.

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