What you didn't know about condoms

What you didn't know about condoms

At the moment, condoms are the most effective method of contraception - they get rid of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.  Provided they are used correctly and do not break during intercourse.  So sit around and be careful to find out what you didn't know about condoms to be able to choose and use them correctly.

 Some increase the pleasure because they are resistant and do not let sperm and bacteria pass.  Be careful with those with flavors or spermicides because they tend to irritate the vagina and promote a series of genital and urinary tract infections.

 There are also "extra" condoms, made of a special latex, which are of superior quality and are more durable.

 People who are allergic to latex can choose condoms made of polyurethane, which are thinner, or those made of animal fibers (these have a major disadvantage: they do not provide protection against sexually transmitted diseases).

 Condoms with spermicides provide greater protection in terms of pregnancy, even when they break because the active substance destroys sperm.

 But recent studies have shown that they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, and several women have complained of irritation due to spermicide substances.

 Did you know that flavored condoms can cause problems for women?

 Not all women tolerate any type of condom, so only the very fine ones are recommended, without too many flavors, but especially without sugar (some flavors are improved with sugar) because it is practically food for bacteria and can change the pH.  the vagina giving way to infections.

 Mistakes that can lead to an unwanted pregnancy

 The air that accumulates inside the condom can lead to its rupture.  To remove the air, press the tank with your fingers after removing the condom from the package - this will leave enough space to squeeze the ejaculated semen without coming out and without breaking it.

 The condom is applied only if the penis is firm, erect, so as not to slip.  If you slip during intercourse and ejaculate inside your partner, you put it on in vain.  After ejaculation, the man must withdraw immediately, before losing his erection, for the same reason of slipping on the sexual organ.

 Moreover: the condom must be held firmly with the hand at the base of the penis so as not to remain inside the vagina and to avoid possible leakage of sperm.

 Make sure the condom is rolled out.  If you made a mistake and put it with the rolled part inwards, take it out and use another one.

 Most condoms expire in a maximum of 3-5 years, so pay attention to the expiration date on the box - never use an old condom, long forgotten in your pocket.

 There are standard condoms and larger condoms (larger diameter for larger blood volume).  When choosing the right condom, choose one that suits the size of your penis so that it does not slip off it.

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