What you need to know when having sex with a virgin

What you need to know when having sex with a virgin

 What you need to know when having sex with a virgin Probably the dream of any man experienced in the secrets of love is to sleep with a virgin partner.  This sounds tempting, even exciting, but you have to take into account some aspects that may arise during such a game.  A wonderful evening can be very easily ruined if you are in a hurry or looking to do the same things you would normally do with someone much more experienced than her.  In this article we will show you the most important things to keep in mind when having sex with a virgin.

 A few words about the first sex game escorts bucharest

 There are many myths when it comes to a woman's first sex game.  Many claim that all women bleed after penetration, others say that the pain prevents them from feeling any form of pleasure.  In reality, things are completely different.

 Although anatomically the vagina is the same, every woman has a different configuration.  For example, even if the woman has had many sexual partners, she may remain with the hymen intact.  There have been cases where it broke only at birth.

 It is also not mandatory for her to bleed after penetration.  Some women bleed, some don't.  It all depends, to a large extent, on the way we are built and how careful the partner is during sexual intercourse.

 We do not deny that many women were left with bad impressions after the first night spent with their boyfriend.  Maybe it's pain, bleeding, discomfort, or the way they feel when they see each other in bed.

 As I said earlier, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to give him a night to dream about for years to come.

 Tips on the first sex game bucharest escorts

 Don't rush things.  Let her tell you she wants to take this step.  Don't force it or force it.  We know the desire is great, but keep in mind that you both need to feel good.

 Prepare everything before he comes.  Make sure that the house where you are going to have sex is clean and that no one will bother you during the evening.  In short, it eliminates any source that could distract or inhibit it.

 It creates an atmosphere.  Light a few candles, use a few scented sticks, and turn off the lights.  It creates an atmosphere in which she feels good and safe.  Show her that she doesn't have to feel awkward around you.

 Don't skip the foreplay.  In this case, foreplay does not mean throwing her in bed and giving her oral sex.  Don't rush anything.  Talk, laugh, drink a glass of wine, sit in each other's arms and kiss for a long time.

 Additional stimulation.  To make her feel as comfortable as possible when penetrating, try to stimulate her as much as you can.  Oral sex is a good idea, but don't rush to the ceiling.  He uses smooth, undulating movements to increase his pleasure.  You can also use your fingers to stimulate the clitoris.  Do not try to penetrate it with your fingers, as it is very possible that it will feel uncomfortable.

 Use a lot of lubricant.  Before penetration, make sure you apply enough lubricant to reduce the risk of pain and discomfort.

 Tell him everything will be fine.  Look into her eyes, hold her in your arms and try to show her that she has no reason to be afraid or shy.

 When to stop.  Once you penetrate it, don't rush to finish.  Be as kind to her as possible.  If you want to give her a dream night, let her stay on top.  That way, he will know exactly what he wants and how good he feels.

 Bleeding.  Don't panic if you see blood after sex.  It is normal to happen.  If she gets scared, take her in your arms and tell her she has nothing to fear.

 Shyness - many women feel embarrassed during sex.  They may be distrustful of the way their body looks or simply be afraid of the times to come.  Don't let her be shy.  Tell her she's beautiful and you love to see her naked body.

 As I said, it is very easy to think about what it would be like to have sex with a virgin, but it is quite difficult to put it into practice in order to make her feel good.  Follow the tips above to show her how beautiful and meaningful intimacy is.

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