When it doesn't reach the grapes, he says they're materialistic or whores.

When it doesn't reach the grapes, he says they're materialistic or whores.

Let me explain to you why women are materialistic.  Because we are all, only that some are bad materialists, usually beautiful, young and stupid, who enjoy a ride with the BMW and a city break in Rome from where to put their Instagram picture perched on the fountain, they shine  eyes when they hear about bank and car accounts and often take spikes from BMWs with loans and unpaid rent, only to find out that they have finally mocked her.  Damn, damn bitter!

 Others secretly dream of these while taking the beer to Gheorghe's snout, who removes lint from his navel and watches the match (or smells his fingers without embarrassment after scratching a little behind his ear), but I know they don't  neither the chance nor the necessary qualities, but if any goldfish would work a miracle, they would soon find the earthen cloth and the pot in the wall, tell Gheorghe something about some Gods and go better.

 And others work, they do their job, a little arranged, a little dressed, a little walking and with the neurons in the carrier, but with pretensions.  And that is to say, if it is still to take a husband, to take one with whom to build and to be able to walk, to evolve and to grow.  And if she wants to go on 3 city breaks and allows herself, Gogu can go too, without her paying her.  And when and when Gogu can come with a surprise of some kind, let the passion not die, if it allows itself to invest in waste and garters.  And now, if you were in her place, would you take Gogu poorer than you, out of the ax and more mentally women are materialistic and prostitutes?  Of course, unless Gogu has potential, he leads it, he is young and in full evolution.

 But otherwise, if Gogu is over 35 and has done nothing with his life, I understand why he is a materialistic woman.  That with looking at the stars and walking in the park and the love under the cherries is romantic, it's beautiful, but it's not from this movie.  Unless she's getting beaten up at home by her parents, or who knows what force majeure events are going on there.  I mean, come on, maybe it's in the beginning, but it doesn't work much later.  It's cool that it melts in your eyes and you're boiled, but if she comes across Chanel and you come with one from Oriflame, she'll miss Chanel in a while!  the twinkle in his eye goes away.  And let's say she can take her Chanel, but she's going to frustrate you.  And let's say she wants to help you, but if you're a good cheese in a dog's bellows and you're waiting for it to fall from the sky and you don't want to evolve, she just won't give up what she is and where she ended up because you don't want to  to climb.  And he's probably going to leave with someone with more money who once decided he wanted to do something with his life.  And alas, how materialistic women are!

 Ah, that's how I want a lazy poor man, to have children with him and let's all sleep under the bridge and hear him say to the plots: "Daddy, remember, money doesn't bring happiness", while they eat their mucus  "No woman has ever said that."  Or I didn't hear.

 Just as I have heard in my life a man with achievements, future projects, a serious portfolio, and, as a result, cars, houses and what else he had there, to say, sighing and angry for life: all women  they are materialistic.  Unless he has a physical disability or a retard and actually buys women, otherwise he has nowhere to go.  Otherwise, I heard dissatisfied from the lazy, students (and understandably, it's ok, they grow up) and men who dream of women who are not of their level.

 I would teach my sons to be smart.  To learn, to make her money, to manage, but not to mess with wasting summer and to pay allowances to men.  To take men who had serious things to do in life, to make their gourd go and do better than her.  And to run away from men who think that women are materialistic because they are either frustrated, or stupid, or lazy, or unable to sort them out because they are being dragged away, and then they have a problem assuming that.  .

 Men, the right ones, know that women are materialistic, they know that there are many kinds, and I don't even want to mention that.  I know and it seems normal to them, because if the woman next to them would not want money, security and prosperity, it means that they would be too romantic idealists for the world where children should be fed, educated and happy from time to time.

 The others who do not reach the grapes, say that they are materialistic or prostitutes.

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