Why do women cry (or laugh) when they make love?

Why do women cry (or laugh) when they make love?

 There are many women, among those I work with, who confessed to me that they had this manifestation when they were making love and were scared (once) because they did not know what was happening and (the second time) because they  they clashed with the men's curious gaze (accompanied or not by questions) because many of them did not understand what was happening (they either thought they were too brutal or that the woman was laughing at them or their gestures - but all this is far from  truth). escorts bucharest

 Women laugh or cry because they have a state of catharsis.  (The term catharsis (Κάθαρσις) is derived from the Greek word καθαίρειν (katharein), which means to clean, in turn derived from "kathares", which means pure, clean, spotless.)

 Due to the erotic compatibility between the two, due to the man's virility and the fact that he meets the woman he makes love with, that he climbs the peaks of pleasure and gives her emotional security, she penetrates deeper and deeper into the mysteries of her own femininity, into the soul.  his, in the depths of his being, living this state of catharsis (which is manifested by uncontrollable crying or laughing, by sighing or sudden movements) due to the discharge of repressed emotions and traumas, of very deep sufferings, of the greatest fears.

 While the man penetrates her, the woman cries or laughs having those visions of the traumas that she has gathered over time and which, through this love, passion, compatibility, trust, confidence that she perceives coming from him,  they are aware and alchemized.

 This purifying, regenerating cry burns and annihilates the toxic energies that have long resisted in women, generating tension, suffering, imprisonment and sometimes disease.  This liberation through weeping or laughing destroys and annihilates all impurities, all psychic misery, all evils.  It releases everything that held her captive in suffering and allows her to move on, frees her from sadness, anger, doubt, and allows her to be filled with love, compassion, happiness, trust, freedom.

 Immediately after this cry, the sensation of a vast space appears inside, full of light, silence, peace, stillness, of a healing embrace everywhere.  Simplicity, holy stillness, liberation, purity.  A pleasure in body and soul, the woman feels how she blossoms in her femininity bucharest escorts

 The man should not be scared, but be pleased that because of his masculinity he helped his girlfriend to free herself from what kept her stuck (sometimes even without knowing) in a deep suffering and now supports her in the healing process.  and gives it shine.

 If she wants to continue, then to penetrate her slowly, with a lot of love, if not, to hold her in her strong arms, giving her all the love she is capable of.

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