You do not understand. You are a man.

You do not understand.  You are a man.

You do not understand.  You don't understand when I want time with you and it seems to you that I am possessive, nor why I have a problem with your phone when I am waiting for you to come home, and for you relaxation is in virtual things.  Just to be clear, I'm a woman and I'm crazy and I lack attention, right?

 You do not understand.  You are a man and it is impossible for you to understand when I present your problems because I want to come up with solutions, and you perceive them as quarrels.  You do not understand that the debates must be completed, not left hanging to fall on our heads later.  I do it because I know that if we bury them, they will appear at the next quarrel, and then it will be called a quarrel.  I fight you with them, precisely because I don't want to argue, because I don't want to lose what we have.  Strange, is not it?  Who would have said?

 You say it's become a habit and you can't stand discussing the same issues anymore, and I can't agree, because I can't hide the garbage under the rug.  You don't understand and you only see unfounded reactions, you can't look beyond them.  Am I crazy and do I get ideas or do you run away from the truth?  Did you know that those ideas of a crazy woman have their roots in the fact that you simply stubbornly don't understand?  Out of pride, laziness or the fact that you can't stand being right.  And no, I'm not always right, maybe that's why I'm so upset that you don't always have to be right and you don't do it when you should.  You know you should.

 You don't understand in any way why I get upset when I want to prepare surprises for you, I want to have our moments and I try to create memories.  Unconscious maybe, but I assume that I will stay with them if we go on different paths.  You don't understand why I'm sad when a friend of yours or someone else with priority even appears on the forbidden moment.  But that's how crazy I am, it would surely suit you if it were the other way around and you would be happy.

 There is no way for you to understand why I am sad when you do not know how to say NO to others, and because I am there, I can be put off.  Maybe you will understand when the roles will change.  Or when there will be no more roles to play.

You can't understand what it means to want plans for the future with a man who behaves like a child many times and you will never be able to understand how he digs disappointment into a woman's heart when he puts his hopes in the arms of a child.  too busy to caress.  What you didn't understand is that I'm not your mother and with all the love I have for you, I can keep you in the corner no matter how hard you try.

 You are a man and you have never thought that a woman's soul is tired, that waiting also dislocates one ankle and that hope gives a single slap.  But that these happen by themselves and not when you want to put them on pause and that's when you start to lose ground.  It's the moment when you start to slip easily on the slope of distrust and although she, the woman, stretches out her hand and doesn't let you fall because she loves you, you will still have to hit yourself a little to wake up.  But he will not be able to do it indefinitely.

 That's when the woman becomes wise.  Maybe if he hadn't gone through so much he would have kept his naivete.  But there comes a last moment when he waits to see if at least from this you will understand something.  Or from now on, there are two options: go on the same road and fall alone or reconfigure the route and hold your hand.


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