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Escort in Bucharest , 25 years

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Bucharest , bucuresti ilfov , romania

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Age: 25 years

Height: 172 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Hair color: Light brown

Breast size: Medium

Pubic hair: Shaved

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

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Escort Sofia has 2 client reviews with the best rate of 5.0
Good companion
Sofia a lady with charm and class
Charlie J.
I wanted to stay with her forever...and with my cock in her mouth
Tweety Escorts - Sofia
Tweety Escorts - Sofia
Tweety Escorts - Sofia
Tweety Escorts - Sofia
Tweety Escorts - Sofia
Tweety Escorts - Sofia

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At 25 years old, Sofia endowed with more skills than a porn star and will not hesitate to use it behind of closed doors! Besides the fact of her sensual abilities; Sofia can boast a toned body ready to worship it! From the bottom up, enjoy Sofia and let her be your sexual master tonight. I am a beautiful girl with a natural look, a very suitable body and an open mind. I treat myself like a real princess, I take good care of my body, I eat healthy and I feel amazing, so that you can share with me my feminine energy and treat you like a real king. I have a fun personality that comes out the moment you see me, I share it with you. I am a high class escort and escort in Bucharest. You've been looking for that person forever, I'm telling you. The best way to forget about your stress and relax is to meet me, I will make you laugh and feel fresh. I am sexy and friendly, I will share many interesting travel stories. As I said before, I take care of my body and that's why my pretty legs and easily visible ab muscles look amazing with any outfit, I can look good in a light pink dress, as in something tight and more feminine and with a fiery look or look. whatever casual sportswear would really fit and I'm pretty sure I'll make you say wow, it's important for me to look my best for this hot gentleman you are. I could be a real girlfriend experience or a fun experience for you. I know you'd like to share your wishes with me, I'd like to know. But in reality, I feel the human needs well, so that you can leave everyone in my graceful hands and see what I can do. I'm at the gym almost every day, so my body is very tight and delicious. I can't wait to hear from you dear, I'm in constant contact, so let's plan ahead, kisses!
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Escort Bucharest
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