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Escort in Bucharest , 23 years

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Bucharest , romania

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Age: 23 years

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hair color: Black

Eyes color: Brown

Breast size: Medium

Pubic hair: Shaved

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Zodiac sign: Aries

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Escort adelina has 2 client reviews with the best rate of 5.0
She is more beautiful in reality
Escort 1
To much for me for everyman i think so ..
Tweety Escorts - adelina
Tweety Escorts - adelina
Tweety Escorts - adelina
Tweety Escorts - adelina
Tweety Escorts - adelina
Tweety Escorts - adelina

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With a perfect body, hot skin and attractive curves, Adelina is a true goddess of beauty. If you choose to spend the night with this beauty, it will surely end in an exceptionally...passionall way. Sensual and provocative, Adelina is a master of seduction. She is that selfless girlfriend that you have been looking for and she will definitely exceed your expectations. Your dreams and fantasies will come to light in the presence of her La Dolce Vita air. This top woman is playful, happy and with a charming and constant smile so that whatever you choise to make during the meeting you will not regret. One of the most experienced highclass models in Bucharest Adelina would be very pleased to accompany you to the opera or theater for a night full of charm. In the bedroom she likes to be wonderfully naughty and is waiting for a gentleman ready to highlight her most perverse and erotic thoughts. Do you think you fit her criteria? She also likes to connect with you and is definitely looking forward to hearing your story.
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